2018 In Utero Ace/Libero H/Voltaire Foal

For Sale:  $10,500 USD  -  Holsteiner - COLT OPTION 2018 In Utero Ace/Libero H Foal
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Holsteiner, COLT OPTION 2018 In Utero Ace/Libero H Foal Photo 1

Holsteiner, COLT OPTION 2018 In Utero Ace/Libero H Foal Photo 2

This is for a COLT option only. Deposit will be fully refunded if a filly is born.Live, healthy foal guarantee. Deposit due after the well-foal check. Price all inclusive of registration and routine care through weaning. Currently priced at $10,500
First photo is sire, all others are of dam.

Sire: Ace (Acamani)
Acobat II x Fernando, Stamm 5302
Ace was granted a full breeding license in 2008 by the AHHA because of his strong achievement in sport. Ace competed at the 1.60m level in international competition with USA’s Richard Spooner.
Ace’s sire Acobat II has produced two approved stallions, in Germany, and 48 offspring that have jumped 1.40m or higher. Acobat II is more known as a dam sire: he appears in around 15 stallions’ pedigrees as the sire of the dam.
Ace’s mother Imuna produced Apachee (by Acobat II), who jumped at the Asian Games in Doha in 2006 with Maijd Sharifi at 1.50m. Imuna is also the mother to the approved ZFPD stallion Lieber Boy (by Landvogt). Her branch has produced the international jumping horses: Cuincy (by Calato) 1.50m with Philip Ruping, Altini (by Latus II) 1.60m with Diego de Riu Tuja (by Parco xx)and 1.50m with Eion Ryan, Pommard (by Lux Z) 1.40m with Wiljan Laarakkers, Quick Star (b Quick Star) 1.50m with Ibrahim Hani Bisharat and Minetta I by (Acobat II) 140m with Anna Blum.
His grandmother, Damina (by Anklang) produced the 1.40m Alf 67 (by Aloube Z) who competed under several riders including Frits Fervers. Damina’s daughter Plesona (by Landgraf I) produced the international jumpers: Ace FLB (by Cardento) 1.45m with Linn Jonsson, Cotton Club (by Cantus) 1.45m with Beata Strazalkowsksa, Charlston 12 (by Caretino) 1.45m with Michael Hechtner and the Holsteiner approved stallion Caproni (by Cor de la Bryere).

Dam: La Ina 18 (Libero H/Voltaire)

La Ina is a former successful show-jumper who competed in Germany at S level, before being imported to the U. S. where she had a highly successful career in the jumper ring. La Ina comes from a very strong family of jumping talent. Her maternal half sister La Voltaira, is currently jumping at S level in Germany and her maternal half brother Chicago W is nine years old now and jumping at 1.45m in Europe. La Ina's mother, Volurla, is a full sister to the mare Volturla who is the dam of Evalon-Lavor, 1.60 m jumper most recently competing on the Longines Global Champions Tour. Volturla is also the dam of the stallion Quitaire, jumping at 1.45m in France, and the dam of Voltaira, who is the dam of the licensed Zangersheide stallion Belmus.
La Ina has produced two GOV registered Premium Foals for a previous owner. Her first foal for our program was born this year, and was a Premium foal (and high scoring foal at his inspection site) at his AHHA inspection.

For Sale:  $10,500 USD
Name: 2018 In Utero Ace/Libero H/Voltaire Foal
Breed: Holsteiner
Registered: Yes
Sire: Ace (Acamani)
Dam: La Ina 18

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Registries: AHHA

Terms: Deposit holds foal. Full refunded if a filly is produced. Live, healthy foal guarantee.

Current Location: Warrensburg  MO,  USA

Ad ID: 51169
Updated: 4/19/2018
Foaled: 2018
Gender: Unknown - in utero
Height: 16.2
Color: Unknown - in utero
Temperament: 5
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Ace (Acamani)
Acobat II 
Athlet Z 
Umina  Fernando I 

La Ina 18
Libero H 
Volurla  Voltaire 

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