Belafonte d Avalon

Stud Fee:  $1,000 USD  -  Sport Pony - The whole package! Brains, beauty & performance!

2013 Area V Eventing CHAMPION!!! Belafonte finished 2013 winning 6 out of his 7 Training Level Events and Area V Champion. This pony has it ALL. Gaits, jumping ability, conformation AND Temperament!

Belafonte d'Avalon was inspected and licensed Weser-Ems July, 2010 receiving one of the highest scores ever given. He successfully completed his 30 Day Stallion Performance Test November, 2010 thereby becoming the first American born and bred German Riding pony to become fully licensed and approved in this country by the Weser Ems. He again, wowed the judges and received exceptional scores on his performance.

This 14:3 hand black stallion is the result of some of the best sport pony and sport horse breeding in the world. He received 9's for his temperament, character and rideability at his stallion testing and an overall final score of an astounding 8.36. Grand Prix dressage rider, Jessica Wisdom stated that his rideability and willingness were incredible and it was easy to give him a high score.

Belafonte did everything at his testing that was expected of the 70 Day Testing stallions with the addition of having to complete his stadium jumping during the final three days.

If you didn't know this stallion was only 14:3 hands tall, you would never know he wasn't a full sized warmblood remarked the judges at his inspection.

Belafonte will begin his competition career in 2012 under the event rider, Rebecca Brown. Watch for his competition results on our website as this pair starts their career!

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Stud Fee:  $1,000 USD
Name: Belafonte d Avalon
Breed: Sport Pony
Registered: Yes
Sire: Hilkens Black Delight
Dam: Mata Hari

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Dressage: Training at Training Level
Eventing: Training at Novice
Hunters: Pre-Green Hunter (3ft 0in)
Jumping: Level 2 (3ft 3in)

Registries: Approved Weser-Ems, RPSI, sBs

Terms: $350 booking fee included.

Current Location: Wynnewood  OK,  USA

Ad ID: 27019
Updated: 1/2/2018
Foaled: 2007
Gender: Stallion
Height: 14:3
Color: Black
Temperament: 5
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Belafonte d'Avalon - 2010 Weser-Ems Stallion Inspection

Belafonte d'Avalon - 2010 Stallion Testing, Dressage and Stadium Jumping

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