Cadogen x Tanner

For Sale:  $8,000 USD  -  Holsteiner - Versatile pedigree - fun and athletic!
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Holsteiner, Versatile pedigree - fun and athletic! Photo 1

Holsteiner, Versatile pedigree - fun and athletic! Photo 2

Holsteiner, Versatile pedigree - fun and athletic! Photo 3

Holsteiner, Versatile pedigree - fun and athletic! Photo 4

This foal should be strikingly good looking, have supple and elastic movement, and demonstrate outstanding jumping talent. Due 3rd week of April.

Sire Cadogen has a “look at me” attitude that gets him noticed by all. He is a beautiful mover and a great jumper with an extremely powerful hind end. He has incredible natural balance, lightness and rhythm, making him very easy to ride. He is forward thinking and bold with a self-confidence that will make him a top competitor in the show ring. Bred to be successful in the hunter/jumper or dressage arena, we expect him to give all these qualities to his offspring. Cadogen’s dam traces to Ladykiller top and bottom. His dam’s sire Loutano, competed internationally in dressage. His sire traces to Merano. The M-line Holsteiners were known for their forward thinking attitudes and competitiveness. They were successful to the Olympic level in Dressage, Eventing and Show Jumping. They are horses that are ideal in today’s competitive environment because they have plenty of substance but enough go, stamina and desire to win to make them great partners.

Cadogen began his show career in 2016 competing in the baby green and 2'9" hunters. He was never out of the ribbons and always earned a piece of the hack. He was even the hack winner in Charleston in July. The hunter judges were very complimentary of his rhythm and temperament in the ring. He finished the year moving over to the jumpers and in one two week show he moved up from the 0.85m jumpers to the 1.15m jumpers. He is very bold and agressive to the jumps and we expect him to progress up the levels quickly.

Tanner is from the famous Holsteiner stamm 730B - top Holsteiner genetics! Stamm 730B is an important stamm that produced the world-class stallions Caletto I and II (and Caletto II), scores of other stallions, and international showjumping, dressage, and eventing horses.

For Sale:  $8,000 USD
Name: Cadogen x Tanner
Breed: Holsteiner
Registered: Yes
Sire: Cadogen (Hol)
Dam: Tanner (Hol) stamm 730B

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Registries: AHHA Spring 2018

Terms: Live foal guarantee. Generous payment terms available. All routine care provided through weaning. Vet on premises. Unbeatable rearing package. Price includes lots of goodies.

Current Location: Seguin  TX,  USA

Ad ID: 49300
Updated: 3/15/2018
Foaled: 2018
Gender: Unknown - in utero
Height: 16.2
Color: Brown
Temperament: 5
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in the 2'9

Cadogen on his way to a double clear in the Mini Prix at the Old Atlanta Classics. He ended up 4th with a speedy jump off round!

Cadogen Oldenburg Approvals

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