Advertising Guidelines

The Primary Rule:

Because our Ads are "Forever Ads" which never expire, we had to establish some guidelines. This is mostly common sense, but one Ad is intended to sell one horse only.

One horse per Ad, with the exception of selling a mare in foal as a "package deal". If the foal is born and mare has not yet sold, the Ad will either need to be for the mare or the foal. You can decide which horse gets the Ad, but they can not both be advertised with the same Ad or changed at a later date. Once an Ad is created for a particular horse, it may not be used for a different horse in the future.

Abandoned Ads:

Your Ad may stay on the site and be displayed at the top of all relevant lists (if updated regularly) until your horse is sold. You may hide your Ad for as long as you need if you have decided to postpone selling your horse. We require that you update your Active/Displayed Ads a minimum of once every 6 months or the Ad will be temporarily hidden until you come back and update it again. You will only need to re-enter your "Asking Price" to reactivate your Ad. This is to keep the Ads accurate and current for prospective buyers viewing them.

When Your Horse Sells or is Leased:

You will have two choices when your horse sells or is leased: If you found your horse a new home through Warmblood-Sales, you may keep the Ad listed as "Sold on Warmblood-Sales" or you may delete the Ad permanently. Sold and Leased horses should not be hidden. This is entirely your choice, but must be done in a timely manner.

Thank you for your cooperation in adhering to these guidelines.