Advertising Rates

Sport Horse enthusiasts have been buying and selling horses at Warmblood-Sales since 1999.

  • YOUR AD STAYS ON OUR SITE FOREVER, with the ability to show, temporarily hide, or permanently delete your Ad as your situation requires. In other words, you're not renting your Ad, you own your Ad.
  • Your Ad will not be lost with time; your Ad moves back to the top of all relevant lists every time you update it!
  • Your Ad includes:
  • Unlimited description text
  • (8) large photos, replaceable at any time
  • (4) embedded videos, replaceable at any time
  • (3) generation pedigree chart
  • Print friendly flyer of your Ad
  • Also, if you have your own website, we provide your website link from all of your Warmblood Ads.
  • And if you have more than one Ad, you will have a Special Seller's Page with all your horses located in one place with your personal message to all prospective buyers regarding your Warmbloods and Services.

Why Rent an Ad that will expire, when you can Own your Ad?

* These numbers are "live" from our database and change continuously.

  • Our sales numbers show that although 3,619 horses have sold in less than 90 days on this website; out of all the horses sold here, 7,453 took over 90 days and 5,255 took over 6 Months.
  • And out of the 5,255 that took over 6 months, 3,062 took over a Year and 1,238 took over 2 YEARS!!! So you could keep buying Ads again and again to sell your horse on sites where you have to renew your Ad.
  • On an optimistic note, 3,619 sold in less than 30 days!

Our Pricing:

Although all of our Ads are identical in features and function, our pricing varies depending on the age of your Warmblood and the number of Ads purchased.

Single Ad Pricing:

  • Warmbloods with a foal date between In-Utero and 2023 (yearlings and younger), $49.
  • Warmbloods with a foal date of 2022 or earlier (2 yr olds and older), $59.

Multi Ad Discount Packages With No Time Limits:

(3) Ad Package Save up to 24%

  • We offer a (3) Ad Package for $45 each, and these may be used ANYTIME for ANY AGE Warmblood.

(5) Ad Package Save up to 32%

  • Further discounted, you can order (5) Ads for $40 each, also usable anytime for any age Warmblood.

(10) Ad Package Save up to 41%

  • More discounted, you can order (10) Ads for $35 each, also usable anytime for any age Warmblood.

Ad Guidelines:

In summary, one horse per ad with the exception of selling a mare who is carrying a foal. Please view complete guidelines here.

Stallion for Stud Ad - annually for $49

* Prices are subject to change at any time.