Special Premium Candidate Shabrina

Special Premium Candidate Shabrina

For Sale
Special Premium Candidate Shabrina
$60,000 USD
Oldenburg -

Breed show champion and winner at third level

NEW VIDEO November 2019! This is an FEI horse in training. The changes are now confirmed and she has even been able to do tempis down to twos (occasionally). Her lateral movements are quite good. She is sensitive and requires a tactful ride, so she is not for an untrained rider, but we feel she will have the high collection of passage and piaffe and we feel she will perform brilliantly to the top levels with a skilled rider. She is absolutely bomb proof on the ground. Shabrina is a gem under saddle and she keeps getting better and better. This mare can sit, she has an active hind leg and she has a very good rhythm in her trot and canter. She recently showed at third level at a recognized dressage show under an FEI judge, where she received a 63.333% and a 61.923%. She is scheduled to compete third level at another recognized show in July 2017. In 2016, her first year at third level, she received scores as high as 65%. In 2016, she ended up in 3rd place for the USDF Year End standings for Four Year Old and Older Maiden and Yeld Mares with 80.150%. She was Champion in that division for GOV USDF All Breeds Awards. Her 2016 breed show results included: Maplewood Warmbloods I- Mare Champion (85.45%0, Mature Horse Champion, Reserve Grand Champion. Maplewood Warmbloods II- Mare Champion (80.15%), Mature Horse Champion. Region 8 GAIG/USDF mare Championship- third.
June 2016: Shabrina went to a local schooling show on June 25 where she did third level for the first time in the ring. She was fabulous, got all of her changes and was a star, receiving the reserve high score for the entire show. Third 1- 68.939% and Third 3- 66.453%. Not too bad for a 6 year old!
Breed Show results 2015:
ESDCTA Memorial Weekend I: Mare Champion, Mature Horse Champion, Reserve Grand Champion 78.9%; ESDCTA Memorial Weekend II- Mare Champion, Mature Horse Champion. Dressage at Lexington- Mare Champion, Mature Horse Champion, Reserve Grand Champion 78.65% and 81.35%. Dressage at Devon- 2nd Maiden Mares, 3rd GAIG Mare Championship.
At VADA/NOVA Summer Dressage Breed Show at Morven Park June 6th, 2014, Shabrina won her 4 year old and older Maiden mares class (80.450%), the MARE CHAMPIONSHIP and RESERVE GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP. She also won the 3,4,5 year old Mare Materiale class with an 81.1%. Shabrina placed 2nd (79.6%) in the GOV Individual Breed Class with our own Dheputy placing 1st.

June 1, 2014 at the Bucks County Horse Park recognized dressage show II, Cara
Klothe rode Shabrina for her second time off the property and first time
in a dressage ring. The first test was full of baby bobbles, but she pulled
it together for their second test where they received 1st place with a
69.464%. Good baby girl!

Dressage at Stone Tavern II August 31, 2014:
Shabrina placed 1st in Maiden and yeld mares 4 y.o. and older
82.5%, then was named MARE CHAMPION, MATURE HORSE
CHAMPION!! Shabrina was also 2nd in the Materiale with a
At Dressage at Devon, September, 2014, Shabrina was 4th 80.45% in the Four
Year Old and Older Maiden Mares (the largest class of the show
with 24 entries.

She did the Mare Performance Test at our farm in October 2013 where she received very good scores including 8 for the trot under saddle, and 7.5's for free trot, canter under saddle and rideability. She was awarded the title of Special Premium Candidate based on her MPT and inspection scores. This title is of great value as a future breeding mare.

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For Sale
$60,000 USD
Special Premium Candidate Shabrina
United States
Shakespeare RSF
EM Wyneth L
Dressage Training Level
3rd Level
Dressage Showing Level
3rd Level
Eventing Showing Level
Not Showing
Hunt Level

Oldenburg Horse Breeders Society Division of German Oldenburg Verband (GOV)


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Maurine (Mo) Swanson
Rolling Stone Farm
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Rolling Stone Farm

Warmblood breeder for 40 years. Owner of large Oldenburg (GOV) and Hanoverian breeding farm in eastern PA. Young, well started dressage horses and occasional hunter prospects always available. We have produced 37 Elite Mares and Elite Mare Candidates, and a State Premium Mare for the Hanoverian Society, 22 Special Premium mares and 8 Verbands Premium mares for the German Oldenburg Verband, and 9 licensed stallions, including the fully licensed and approved stallion named Shakespeare RSF (winner of the 2009 70 day stallion test), a licensed stallion named Somer Hit, 3 licensed stallions in 2012 (one from the first foal crop of Shakespeare RSF- Shotgun, also Dheputy and a stallion in Germany), Fhitzgerald and Sir James (both imported from Germany and successfully completed the 70 day stallion test here in the US), another licensed stallion in 2014 named Shavane- the second licensed Shakespeare RSF son who is out of homebred EM Rheporter (Royal Prince/Weltmeyer). In 2015 another Shakespeare son was licensed- Shortstop, who was Grand Champion at a USDF breed show in 2015. We have bred two top 5 FEI Young Horse National Champions and multiple HOY winners in hand and in dressage, and four winners of the Young Hunters Under Saddle at Hunter Devon. We stand 6 stallions: Shakespeare RSF (Sandro Hit/Arrian), Fhitzgerald (Florencio/Weltmeyer), Sir James (Sir Donnerhall/Feiner Stern), Dheputy (Dauphin/Rotspon) and newly licensed Shavane (Shakespeare RSF/Royal Prince) and Shortstop (Shakespeare RSF/Widmark). In 2010, 22 out of 24 foals presented to the GOV were premium and our German foal was 5th in the German Foal Championship. In 2011, 18 foals were named Premium, with 5 Foal of Distinction ribbons awarded. We own and bred the mare EM Rheporter (Royal Prince/Weltmeyer)- 2011 Grand Champion at Dressage at Devon, the Reserve Champion foal, and two foals which placed second in their classes there, all by Shakespeare RSF. In 2012, we produced 19 premium foals, with 8 Foals of Distinction and 3 Stallion Prospects named, plus we had the top Hanoverian filly at the large Hilltop Farm inspection. Also in 2012, we owned and bred the Filly Champion, Young Prospect Champion and Reserve Champion Young Horse at Dressage at Devon. Sir James was Stallion Champion and Reserve Grand Champion at two dressage breed shows. In 2013, 12 premiums were awarded to our foals, with two being selected as Foals of Distinction. Also in 2013, homebred offspring were Grand Champion at 3 Dressage Breed Shows (Shyriana, Dheputy and Rhaisonette) and one was Reserve Grand Champion at 2 shows (Dheputy). At Dressage at Devon 2013: two Reserve Championships with all 4 horses we brought placing in every class entered. I won and also placed 5th in the Breeder’s Group. Two daughters of Shakespeare RSF did well at 2013 Dressage at Devon- Verbands Premium Shyriana was the Reserve Champion Young Horse Prospect and Special Premium Candidate Shundance was 2nd in the 3 y.o Suitable to Become a Dressage Horse. She was later named Champion of her GOV Mare Performance Test. Dheputy (Dauphin/Rotspon) was the 2013 Stallion of the year for the USDF (80+%) and placed 4th overall at his 70 day stallion test, 3rd in dressage. For 2013, I was the USEF Reserve Champion Dressage Breeder of the Year for the nation. In 2014, we presented 25 foals to the GOV of which 22 were named Premium, 6 Foals of Distinction were awarded and a stallion prospect by Sir James was named. Also in 2014, Dheputy was again named USDF Stallion of the Year (80+%). In 2014, I was 3rd nationally USDF Dressage Breeder of the Year, and 4th nationally for Dressage Sport Horse Breeding Breeder of the Year. Shakespeare RSF was 5th in the 2014 USDF Horse of the Year final standings for Intermediare I. We had numerous Championships in Breed Shows, including Dheputy, Shierra Madre, and Shopper and Shabrina (both sired by Shakespeare RSF). At Dressage at Devon 2014, Shtiletto (Shakespeare RSF/Fabriano) was the Young Prospect Champion, Dheputy was the GAIG Stallion Champion and every horse of the 7 we entered placed in every class. I was the USEF Dressage Breeder of the year for 2014, 2nd for Dressage Breeding Breeder. In 2015- 17 out of 21 foals bred by me were named Premium, with 4 Foals of Distinction and two stallion prospects named. At our GOV Mare Performance Test, 5 out of 8 mares were named Special Premium candidates. I bred and own the 2015 Dressage at Devon Filly Champion and Reserve Champion Young Horse sired by Shakespeare RSF. Shakespeare RSF was the #1 USEF sire for Dressage Breeding for 2015. I was once again #2 USDF Dressage Sport Horse Breeder of the Year and the #1 Dressage Breeder of the Year for USEF, #2 for DSHB. 2016- a Sir James mare was the top non-Hanoverian at the Hilltop Farm AHS inspection and the top filly at the NY AHS inspection was sired by Dheputy and bred by me. All 16 foals presented to the GOV were Premium, with 6 Foals of Distinction and 2 stallion prospects named. We had 5 out of 7 mares at the GOV Mare Performance Test named Special Premium. Shavane was the Region 8 GAIG/USDF Champion Stallion and winner of the Stallion Materiale at DAD. Hhot Tamale won a 4th level test at Dressage at Devon and was winner many times in PSG and Intermediare I. I am the #1 USDF Dressage Sport Horse Breeder of the Year, Shakespeare RSF is USDF Reserve National Champion at Intermediare II with a 74+% and USEF #1 Dressage Breeding Sire. Special Premium Candidate Dhanube is the USDF Horse of the Year for Three Year Old Fillies and Reserve Champion HOY for Three Year Old Materiale. I was once again the USEF Dressage Breeder of the Year for the third year in a row and I am USEF Reserve Champion for Sport Horse Breeding! In 2017, every one of my 21 foals presented to the GOV were named Premium, with 8 Foals of Distinction and 3 stallion prospects named. One foal was the top foal at her AHS inspection. We had 3 Grand Champions named at Dressage Breed Shows.


Shakespeare RSF
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Sandro Hit
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EM Acapella
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Elite St. Loretta
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