Why Rent your Ad, when you can Own your Ad?

11,085 Horses Sold Here since 1999

Our sales numbers show that although 3,619 horses have sold in less than 90 days; out of all the horses sold here, 7,453 took over 90 days and 5,255 took over 6 Months to sell.

And out of the 5,255 that took over 6 months, 3,062 took over a Year and 1,238 took over 2 YEARS!!! So you could keep buying Ads again and again to sell your horse on sites where your have to keep renewing your Ad.

At Warmblood-Sales, you only pay one time to sell your horse! Conditions are constantly changing. Your horse's training and physical condition may be in constant change. Your "Asking Price" may (and probably should) reflect these changes. What will not change is you will always have your Ad at Warmblood-Sales to offer your horse at the current value. This is a sound investment if you ever plan on selling your horse.

On an optimistic note, 3,619 sold in less than 30 days!

* These numbers are "live" from our database and change continuously.